Talcott Factors Makes Loans To Lending Investor Companies In Dollars, Against Existing Portfolios Of Loans Made In Philippine Pesos.

Talcott Factors’ New Loans Permit These Lending Investors To Make Their New Loans Either Denominated In Dollars Or Denominated In Pesos; If In Dollars, The Lending Investor Passes Onward The Currency Fluctuation.

Talcott Factors Can Lend At A Lower Interest Rate, In Dollars, Than It Could In Pesos, So, The Lending Investor And Its Consumer Loan Borrowers Can Benefit From A Lower Rate, But Bearing The Currency Fluctuation.

Talcott Factors Target Market Consists Of The Thousands Of Lending Investor Companies Operating In The Philippines.

Talcott Factors Wants To Bring Those Companies The Cheapest Possible Cost Of Capital By Reaching International Capital Markets.