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Talcott’s Lineage


Talcott’s Lineage

Talcott’s Lineage traces it’s bloodline to James Talcott, founder of James W. Talcott, factors in New York City. James Talcott himself was descended from Colonel John Talcott the Governor General of the Hartford Colony whose fortune was made financing ship cargoes from the US colonies to Asia, and back.

William Talcott May, working in Talcott Factor’s treasury in Manila is the great-great-grandson of James W. Talcott, financier and philanthropist. In Manila, they call Will May “Mr. Talcott” as he is the guiding hand of Talcott Factors.

Factoring has come naturally to William Talcott May after a prior USA career as a Mortgage Banker; the yield curve is imprinted on his brain. Talcott Factors provides financial partners with expertise that, literally, runs in the bloodline

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