Recent History

Talcott Factors began operations in Manila with a 2,250,000 Peso Factor’s Advance against Quezon City Government Accounts Receivable in 2012. Talcott Factors still retains that original client; Marie Kris Construction.

In 2013, Talcott added an Equipment Leasing function, in February, making a sale-leaseback of its first small inner city bus; Jeepney. Talcott Factors Leasing went on to finance about 50 Jeepneys and City Buses. These leases bore very high rates of return.

In 2013, Talcott also made its first loan advance to a Lending Investor company; Bagong Pag-Asa Lending, Inc. Using a Factoring Agreement, Chattel Mortgage and Promissory Note, Talcott advanced 900,000 Pesos to Bagong Pag-Asa which in turn lent 900,000 Pesos to an electrical contractor to the Pasig City Government, at a higher rate. The relationship went perfectly. Since then, Talcott Factors has made other loans to Lending Investors.

In 2017, Talcott Factors determined that it should focus its business on Loans to Lending Investor companies, of which there are 5,000 or more in The Philippines

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