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About Eifove

Chairman introduction


Liang Weiqian worked in FOSHAN NANHAI EIFOVE CERAMIC Co. Ltd., general manager of the company, also the vice president of the Xiqiao General Chamber of Commerce, the town of Xiqiao town of dragon chamber of Commerce Board of supervisors, Foshan Nanhai Xiqiao Town, vice president of ceramic industry. Our director has been committed to promoting economic and social development, promote the industry communication, in order to repay the society, promote the charity to play some of the corporate social responsibility, adhering to the "observe law and discipline, get right on the job, and promote the social economy" entrepreneurial spirit.
During his tenure, and our staff repeatedly led the organization to the industry's "Enterprise benchmarking" for the exchange of learning, and to enrich the cultural life of employees, employees long-term tourism activities and evening entertainment; in addition, our managing director to reflect the "people foremost, pragmatic and enterprising, honesty first" business philosophy more, set up sales elite award and other awards materials, staff incentives have been struggling in the production and sales of the line, which expresses the managing director of caring for employees, and take activities to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, incentive employee morale.

Leadership style

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