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[Eifove Ceramics] Eifove enterprises unite! Struggle hard Be enterprising


Win in 2016!

Eifove ceramics, solidarity,

Hard work, enterprising!


To enrich the cultural life of employees, to ease the pressure of partners, and to promote communication and communication between us,

[Eifove ceramic] specially organize all staff summer fun fun tour.

At the same time, it is also to increase the team cohesion among colleagues,

Prior to departure, we have already prepared a series of group building activities early in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities.

Before the journey began, we were like this!


These preparations are essential before they are ready to begin

Destination: Gate slope, bighorn Bay

Starting point: 100 square enterprise Nanzhuang exhibition hall

Purpose and significance: to arouse the enthusiasm of employees, to adjust the mental quality of employees and to fully mediate the communication and coordination among employees.

Function: a word, play! Two words, joy!

Essential preparation: a rich bonus!

Active part 1

After waiting for 2.5 hours' journey, we were in the destination of the underground car.

I heard that there is a paragraph of "thousand years of incense" is very good, that small knitting first wave "ten li Silver Beach" for you to see!

By this time travel, so usually busy with work colleagues have the opportunity to sit up and talk about each other.

After a short rest, we began the most exciting group activities!


Active Part 2

The first link: three people, four feet

The factory team VS team Hall


See the light like sand kicked up, even others feel the intense atmosphere!!

If you want to know the result, keep the patient to pull down!

Active Part 3

The second link: actually run the relay race!

Sales general manager, District Heng Heng take the lead! The brand sales elite and the main force to actively participate in the factory! The figure is inspired by heroic bearing each partner is present, it represents our [Party] billion ceramic unity and struggle, enterprising spirit, more fully explain our billion enterprise long-term adhere to the "people-oriented, pragmatic and enterprising, credibility first" business philosophy.

Men's team

Women group

Excellent as their male colleagues is this style! This spirit and the spirit of all-out struggle are most worth learning!

Active part 4

Tug of war

Participation: each team sends 8 players to PK in the form of a random draw. Each of the two groups starts a match (5 games in total)

Classic ring

Sales Executive, VS Brand Manager

Once the competition, and finally by the brand manager Liang out!

After the end of the trip

We have left a deep memory, is worth celebrating, [Eifove ceramic] sales elites were given three people a man group, the women first, and actively participate in activities, you are great!

Finally, thanks to Mr. Liang Weiqian, President of the 100 million enterprises, Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales, organized the tour,

Let us through such a happy early summer, together to create a good friendship.

[Eifove ceramic] will continue to achieve greater success in the second half, full sprint performance!


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