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Good-bye in 2018 and hello in 2019. Don't forget the first heart, move forward!


December 2018 passed quietly, ushering in a new 2019. On December 2, the marketing center held a monthly closing meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor of the marketing center for sales management in December. The company leadership and all the staff of the marketing center participated in the meeting.


In the past struggling days, relying on high-quality products and the tenacious advantage of struggling forward, we constantly break the old market rules, constantly seek change in breakthroughs, and strive for win-win situation for manufacturers. At the monthly meeting, General Manager Luo of Sales of Marketing Center summarized his work and made new plans.

General Manager of Sales Luo


General Sales Manager Luo summarized the overall sales performance in December in this meeting. At the same time, he also made analysis, guidance and suggestions on the work of salesmen, and put forward work requirements. I hope that the sales staff can make full use of their advantages to carry out sales work, continue to work hard, the new year, the new beginning! uuuuuuuuu

General Manager Yu


At this meeting, Mr. Yu, General Manager of Yifang Brand, first summarized the sales proportion of each series of its own brand products in December. The new 13.5 thick marble has a better upward trend in sales this month. I hope that the sales staff can continue to maintain the sales advantage and continue to work hard. At the same time, it also establishes sales task targets for brand salesmen in January and February. In the next time, progress together to achieve better results!

Award presentation time


Every enterprise can not develop without every employee. At the meeting, our company commended the salesmen and team who performed outstanding in November. It is hoped that the incentive policy can motivate outstanding colleagues to continue their efforts, and encourage all colleagues to actively strive for and have clear goals.

General Manager of Yifang Enterprise


With the end of this meeting, our chairman always concluded this meeting at the end: I hope you can make rational use of the company's resources, in this good platform, try your best to play their respective advantages. Adhering to a positive and sincere attitude towards every day's work tasks, looking forward to all sales staff in the new year to have greater breakthroughs. Looking forward to 2019, jointly meet the new future!

2018 has gone quietly, and the past has gone with it. We firmly believe that, with the efforts of all the staff of Billionaire Enterprise, Billionaire Enterprise in 2019 will be even better! uuuuuuuuuu Let's look forward to the new year! Witness the brilliance of Yifang Enterprise again! uuuuuuuuuuu


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