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Yifang Ceramic Enterprise Signed CCTV Brand Advertising Strong Landing


As the only national-level television media with the broadest coverage, the highest authority and the strongest credibility in China, CCTV has always been the most important media foundation of the Party, the government and the people, as well as the most important ideological and cultural position in China, shouldering the historic task of revitalizing China and realizing the Chinese dream.

Through the CCTV layer-by-layer review mechanism, the billionaire company successfully appeared on CCTV-7 CCTV channel, which not only gave great confidence and support to the majority of cooperative distributors, but also launched the first battle for brand strategy upgrading in 2019.



On the morning of December 17, 2018, President of Yifang Enterprise signed a formal cooperation agreement with representatives of CCTV Company.

Working hand in hand with CCTV has taken another important step towards the brand upgrading and transformation of Yifang enterprises and the sustainable development of brand strategy. With the help of CCTV advertisement, the future advertising communication scope of Yifang brand will be wider, the audience of brand promotion will be wider, and the brand development prospects will be more clear.

Since its establishment, Yifang Ceramic Enterprise has always adhered to the brand strategy development line, vigorously strengthened brand publicity, constantly improved various service systems, laid a good foundation in the industry and gradually expanded market share.




This advertising cooperation with CCTV shows the great determination of the transformation and upgrading of the brand of Yifang enterprises, as well as the upgrading of exhibition halls and products. Through a series of upgrades, we can see that Yifang's brand has made great efforts to transform and upgrade, constantly honing its determination to go ahead, keeping up with the fashion trend, designing aesthetic feeling to lead the fashion of the industry, and continuing to provide consumers with more artistic products.


Facing the future, we will forge ahead and be more down-to-earth.

More confident and calm, work hand in hand, win-win cooperation!



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