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Brand new image, new office area, leading the new development of billion party enterprises.


All anticipation

Billion square enterprise new marketing center shocked!

Billion square enterprise marketing center new office area,

Fashion. Simplicity. Modern!  



The exhibition hall hall creates a reasonable, smooth and guiding spatial layout. The overall spatial interface is divided and combined in a consistent manner, creating a comfortable and fashionable display space from the visual and tactile.

Subject Installation Area


Modern and concise real-time themes, the design focuses on the visual center to create a rich reading sense of user experience, familiar with the life scene let people forget that here is the exhibition hall.

Display Area

In the overall space shaping, the intersection and combination of large blocks in the space, making the space more integrated, atmosphere, in line with the international design trend, to create a modern office and display space atmosphere.

Chat Area


Simple and solemn negotiation room is a place where marketers and customers can communicate directly. Clean and comfortable office add some beautiful green plants, put it indoors, not only can supply oxygen, but also edify people's interest.

Various Function Meeting Rooms

Pursue fashion and trend, pay attention to the perfect combination of office environment space layout and use function, mainly practical, simple modeling, without too much decoration.

Office Area


Simple decoration, symmetrical space layout, standardized neat, functional sound, open space design, so that communication on the job is more convenient and smooth, work efficiency greatly improved.




Office space layout, abandoned all the red tape decoration, everything in a practical, lively and smooth pattern, with the pursuit of modern office environment, set up a practical and display of the whole wall bookcase, both elegant display, taste clear, style consistent.

At present, the third and fourth floors of the office area is normal office, the exhibition hall is still in close gong drum decoration, I believe that in its opening moment, it will be a new look to show, leading the new future of billion enterprises! Please look forward to...


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