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The June sales summary meeting of millions of millions of enterprises was successfully held



Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales


At this meeting, the Sales Manager District of our company made a speech. Every month's sales product series data analysis can know the proportion of the product sales. The sales staff can find the place to improve and the products to be pushed more vigorously through these data. In the customer aspect, we should track the professional attitude of salesperson. The company's launch of the elite award is to encourage you to strive to develop and hope that all sales staff will be able to complete the sales of each brand in July.


Ms. Yu, the general manager of the brand, summed up the sales situation of the brand in June and the place to improve. In July, we should strengthen the market to make the sales of various products rise. Take advantage of our preferential policies to achieve the sales target for July. Come on!

Awards moment


At the meeting, we give positive and cash rewards to colleagues and teams that have contributed to the sales of June, hoping to encourage colleagues with excellent performance through the incentive policy to continue their efforts and encourage all sales staff to strive for a clear goal.

Finally, thanks to the company's support for all the sales staff and affirmation that in July will "strive to develop, strive for good achievements", to meet the best attitude to meet the new work task, play the spirit of cooperation!


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