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亿方国际.com The Chinese domain name is open!



Last year, my brand - "tall", "modern", an omni-directional display of the "no dead" product of the official website has successfully caused a warm response around the world! The total number of users entering the official network has reached 26643. In order to further facilitate the majority of the customers to better understand us, in 2018, we are deepening the promotion of the web site further - the opening of the Chinese domain name website!


Yes. You are not mistaken!

We have an official website for Chinese domain names.

No longer have to remember a series of "long and hard to remember"

English code


Sorry, ctrl+Z again?



Oh, no!

"I still don't remember."

For the convenience of your customers

We have the following optimization:


Please remember, the important thing is three times.

Now! We announce it!

Our Chinese domain name website is officially opened!




English domain name website:

This time the web site optimization, we close to the market trend,

The main green building materials,

We are committed to bringing a "healthy" home to the customers

In this year, we will push "negative ions" more.

General soft ceramic tile series,

Coming soon!



-Able billions of parties-


Billions of countries

Foshan Nanhai Yi Fang Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Is located in Guangdong China pottery -- Foshan, built a number of production lines, to introduce a full set of advanced production technology, the products are throwing bricks, the soft porcelain tiles, marble, marble, the Royal super crystal Jin Gangyou, white marble, Meihou polishing brick etc..

With its own quality conditions, advanced equipment and technology, rigorous production and management, and meticulous service, every quality index of every product has reached the relevant regulations and standards of building materials in the current state. The quality of the product is reasonable, and it has become the favorite brand of the national consumers.

The company is committed to the use of quality and rich product system ceramic products, to meet the modern population of the design of space is increasingly refined and the diversity of the needs of the personality. In line with modern, simple and fashionable product design concept, it is close to the trend of current trend and aesthetic popularity, which is in line with the diverse needs of the people.


Please pay attention to us:

International Ceramics



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