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The distance between you and nature is only a soft ceramic tile that releases the "negative oxygen ion".


2018 first product

Negative oxygen ion

Flexible ceramic tile

- trillion International -

Negative oxygen ion

Build a green home

In general, people need about 13 billion negative ions a day, and our rooms, offices, entertainment and other environments can only provide about 1 to 2 billion. This huge contrast between supply and demand tends to lead to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, tracheitis and other respiratory diseases.

In order to reduce the appearance of these circumstances, in the ceramic industry, we study a functional tile - "negative oxygen ion soft body tiles, it not only set off a new upsurge of industry technology, incidentally also promoted the development of a social cause of green. Next, please let you know what the "negative oxygen ion" soft ceramic tile is in the end.


Can there be a negative oxygen ion?



[negative oxygen ion]

Negative oxygen ions are also called negative ions, which are very beneficial to human health. Negative ions are negative ions in the air. Because of the largest proportion of negative oxygen, they are often called negative oxygen ions. The WHO stipulates that the standard concentration of negative oxygen ions in fresh air should be more than 1500 /cm3. The ecological level of negative ions can take the initiative to capture the small dust in the air with a positive charge, the condensation and precipitation, effectively remove particulate air pollutants, the ecological level of negative ions in the air purification is derived from particles of negative ions and bacteria in the air, dust, smoke and other positively charged combination, and forming clusters and achieve the purpose of purifying air.

The relationship between the soft ceramic tile and the negative oxygen ion?



2018 new products - a series of flexible ceramic tiles

One can produce (release).

A green building material with negative oxygen ions.

The effect of its surface decoration is not different from that of the soft ceramic tile.

But the product itself can be generated

A negative oxygen ion that is beneficial to the health of the human body.

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Negative oxygen ion

Advantages of flexible ceramic tiles

1. clean air

Negative oxygen ions can make harmful substances such as PM2.5, formaldehyde and second-hand smoke in the air play a role in purifying air by catalytic degradation, and keep indoor air fresh for a long time.

2. dispel the odor

Negative oxygen ions can quickly and effectively eliminate odor in air. The principle of dispelling is essentially different from that of air fresheners on the market, and it is safe and reliable.




Bactericidal efficacy

Negative oxygen ions can penetrate and decipher bacteria, reduce the viability of bacteria, and effectively inactivate microorganisms, bacteria and viruses on the surface of air or articles. Its sterilization principle is environmentally safe, and there is no two pollution.

Improvement of myocardial function

Medical research has proved that air containing more negative ions can improve human immunity, make human body physique become weak alkaline, relieve fatigue, promote physical and mental health, increase body resistance to disease, and is extremely beneficial to health.

Stimulate the circulation of blood

Negative oxygen ions enter human blood, which can make erythrocyte sedimentation rate slow down and prolong blood coagulation time. It can effectively reduce red blood cell aggregation, reduce blood viscosity, and effectively promote blood circulation.

stimulate metabolism

Negative oxygen ions can activate a variety of enzymes in the body, promote metabolism, improve sleep, ensure the body's rapid physiological activities and improve the quality of life.



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