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Win 2018, unite to create new brilliance!


Professional casting confidence and unity to create brilliance


Congratulations on the 2017 annual sales summary meeting of the hundreds of millions of enterprises

Hold it smoothly!

On January 29, 2018 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Foshan Nanhai billion Fang Ceramics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "billion Fang business") held the annual summing up conference of sales department in 2017 in Huaxia marketing center. The conference was organized by Mr. Liang Weiqian, the managing director of the billion party business. Mr. Qu Boheng, the general manager of sales, hosted the sale of a whole staff to the billion party business.



Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales

Win 2018

In the annual meeting, sales general manager Mr. Qu Boheng pointed out: adhering to the "fair and open" and "people-oriented" management system, improve sales of the benefits, we will according to the market trend, combined with the actual changing product sales management system, lean production, will carry out occupation training more abundant the sales staff, to strengthen the Sales Department of the labor discipline management work.

Through this measure, it fully embodies the humanistic care of the millions of enterprises to employees, and can highlight the enterprise's welfare and the spirit of development.

In addition to this, Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales, put forward at the meeting: we hope that through the new sales policy, we can start this 2018 gun, bring more quality products to our customers, improve our service quality and create new brilliance.


The meeting process



The salesman listened carefully to the meeting

An overview of the annual work of the billion international brands

Lecturer: GM international brand general manager

Billion international brand general manager Ms. Yu said at the meeting: I work in the coming year, the focus is to strengthen the brand promotion and development of the terminal market sales, the sales staff to carry out occupation training courses, improve sales personnel's service quality; market situation in the face of the coming year, I will overcome difficulties, strict implementation of the new sales policy. Take the initiative to do the work ideas, and actively guide the sales staff to enhance their occupation accomplishment, leading the brand sales to develop a broader group of customers, let billion square team to fully utilize its advantages, fully open up the domestic market, and create more economic benefits for the company!



The end of the meeting, the sales general manager Mr. Qu Boheng made annual summary: Thank you for the past year, billion square enterprise directors general manager Mr. Liang Weiqian to support a sales job in the board under the leadership of general manager, we overcome difficulties, the sales department and the production department and other departments fought with each other, thus successfully the development of new products, won the praise of customers, and created a new situation in the spring of 2018!

In the face of 2018, we have the confidence to create greater benefits for the millions of enterprises. The billion party team will be getting better and better!


Let's say goodbye to the past

Hand in hand to the future

Give full play to the strength of the "hundreds of millions of people"

Unite to create new brilliance!


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