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Advantages of negative ion glazed tile


1. Release negative ions

When the "negative ion glazed tile" is exposed to the water molecules in the air, the water electrolysis can be ionized to generate negative ions (H3O2) and hydrogen (H2). With the continuous occurrence of this ionization reaction, the negative ions can be released continuously, and the indoor anion concentration will reach a relatively stable level through continuous accumulation. According to the monitoring report of the National Authority building materials industry environmental monitoring center, after 12 hours, the air anion increased by 500 cubic centimeters in the negative ion glazed tile space.

2, decomposition of formaldehyde

Indoor pollution sources (furniture, plate, paint, viscose and so on) will continue to release out of the formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases. The negative ions released by "negative ion glazed tile" have been decomposed by electrical decomposition. After using the negative ion glazed tile for one week, the degradation rate of formaldehyde and other harmful gases is over 80%, and it can keep indoor air fresh for a long time.

3, dispel the odor

Negative ion glazed tiles can continuously release negative ions and keep the positive charged harmful gases in the room to neutralize the electrolysis, so as to eliminate the odors in the air effectively and quickly. The elimination principle is essentially different from the air freshener in the market and its side effect, and there is no two pollution.

4. Purify the air

According to research, adults breathe 20 thousand times a day, even breathing, breathing is also continuing even in sleep. Therefore, clean and healthy air is more important for life than anything. Negative ions from negative ion glazed tiles can absorb and oxidize the negative ions. They can efficiently kill all kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in air, and it is an ideal way of air purification.

5. Health care and health care

Negative ions are called "vitamins" in the air. Medical research has proved that the air containing more negative ions can improve the immunity of the human body and promote the health of the body and mind, and it is very beneficial to the health.


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