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Brave the success to meet 2018!



Congratulations on the December 2017 monthly sales summary conference

Hold it smoothly!

Looking back 2017, it's a great year

At 4 p.m. on December 30, 2017, we held a monthly sales summary conference in December at the marketing center of the billion enterprise. Back in 2017, our deal at billion square corporate directors general manager Mr. Liang and sales general manager under the leadership of Mr., we encountered a lot of difficulties and hardships in the process of research, but in the lead and command the managing director and general manager of sales, we are all out of danger, and successfully develop new products lead the sales staff, to develop a broader business resources.

The contents of this conference mainly include reporting the completion of monthly sales, the sales analysis of each product, announcing the sales task in 2018 and the product policy instruction for salesmen.

Review of the conference


General Sales Manager Speech

The company's support and cooperation growth depends on the staff, in the past year, we would like to thank Wefang enterprise staff play the unity and cooperation spirit, to bring a lot of benefits for our sales; at the same time, we also want to thank Chairman Liang to long period of work support, in the chairman Liang under the leadership of the performance of our sales steady rise, elite sales momentum!

Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales


In the process of meeting sales manager to make monthly summary: our future will continue to be polished for the products, and even let it become one of the reputation of the product sales industry, the ceramic industry will adapt to the trend, all around the marble, porcelain brick, fashion series, Chinese wind series in 2018 to create special products, our requirements each department sales manager should make the adjustment of product structure according to our sales policy, and to implement the work to implement, to guide the sales strategy for all customers, lay the first month of 2018!

Brand style


International brand general manager on behalf of billion billion international brand published monthly work summary: my brand successfully completed monthly sales task, cannot do without the sales staff in the sales line of hard work; and smooth cut part of the sales share of spending, it does not benefit from the company's sales policy and leadership support. My brand will continue to play the spirit of 100 million enterprises, continue to play the strength of the brand in 2018, to create more benefits for the company!



During the meeting

In order to embody the spirit of "people-oriented", our leaders agreed to set up windows for employees. During the conference, we encouraged salesmen to publish their own work experience and suggestions for company's sales policy, and actively share the market trend in the field of communication.

Sales elite



My brand sales staff exchange work experience: marketing is changing, we also need to change! We must stick to our product characteristics, conform to the main trend of the market, continue to research and develop core competitiveness products, and let salesmen have greater strength to expand more customers.

Conference film




December sales task completion ratio assessment Award

My brand successfully won the 2017 December sales tasks completed appraisal award in proportion, thanks to the care and support of our company, long time sending material rewards, this award belongs to me all the brand sales staff of unremitting efforts, we will continue to give play to the team spirit of cooperation, create a better performance!



Won the December sales task completion ratio assessment award brand


Won the December pioneer of the elite assessment Award

The end of the meeting


By the end of the meeting, our sales of two seats total meeting concluded: our new year's work will focus on the direction of the meeting mentioned in the sales work, we will continue to develop more high-quality products, do not forget the early heart, actively promote self occupation accomplishment, hope our sales staff to strive to do product promotion and sales work with customers to create a win-win situation!


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