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In the invincible force



"Discipline can beautify the collective."



2017 Eifove International

The November monthly summary meeting was successfully held

   At 4 p.m. on November 29, 2017, the November sales summing up meeting was held in Nanzhuang Huaxia Ceramics Expo City. Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of the billion party business, Mr. Yu, the general manager of yyfang brand, Mr. Liu, general manager of Yuping brand, Mr. Liang, general manager of Nord brand and Mr. Hanford, general manager of Jiayuan brand, attended the conference.



Eifove International General Sales Manager

Mr. Qu Boheng

The team of wolves, the survival of the wolf, is to create a living space strongly in a bad environment. The team of wolves is to organize powerful team forces in the fighting opponents. Million people hold the bow, bow an arrow, the arrow is in. In the end, we are not qualified to say a good conscience!                                                                                 ——Preface



Sales elite

   After the collective declaration, the monthly summary conference formally opened the prelude! We are in the billion square enterprise directors general manager Mr. Liang Weiqian and general manager of sales under the leadership of Mr. Qu Boheng, the brand successfully complete the sales task, success and the signing of potential customers; to summarize the meeting of our elite sales report their work summary, and give up in the elite awards ceremony.


The general manager of the brand leads the sales elite

Business exchange

Ms. Yu Fang, general manager of the brand



Sales elite



Wefang brand general manager Ms. Yu proposed my brand successfully complete the sales task in the last month, the brand sales staff successfully develop more than potential customers in the business process, to achieve good sales performance; at the same time, I thank the company brand of our concern and support, through a series of targeted sales policy, let us realize the communication "zero distance when communication with the customer".

Subsequently, billion square brand sales also issued a report on the work of its own elite: we in the business process, listen to the demands and the suggestions and opinions of customers, the daily sales work to customers to let them feel our best quality service, but also to pass billion square company spirit of enterprise, realize win-win strategy!



November development of the elites award ceremony


Get up elite sales staff appraisal award will receive our crystal block a, the number of yuan bonus, by material incentives reflect our sales staff on the recognition of the achievement at the same time, give full play to the incentive mechanism of enterprise billion role, so that our sales staff can be more aggressive in future work!



After the meeting

In the monthly summary after the meeting, the sales by billion square enterprise general manager meeting concluded, the primary constant sales manager suggested that all the success we create are derived from the efforts of everyone, I hope everyone can have a role from "employees" to "let me become a family enterprise" conversion concept in carry out sales work, to help customers get more profits. At the same time, we hope that through the different incentive mechanism can make our team have a cohesive, continuous fighting power! To be like a wolf, do not fear the difficulty of climbing the peak, contend for more controversy.

"Strive hard", "overcome self" and "challenge the limit", show your ideals, seize the golden opportunity, spell your strength and taste the cheese of success.



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