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[Eifove international ceramics] "win in the team, win in the product" - congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 2016 annual confer


Eifove enterprises ? 2016 annual conference will be held on January 15, 2017 afternoon at the Eifove enterprise marketing center,

The course content mainly covers the company's 2016 annual sales performance, brand sales data analysis and the latest trends and tasks for the next year.

"Win in the team, win in the product.""

Pre stage

In the year 2016, our staff were under the leadership of Mr. Liang Weiqian, managing director of the 100 million enterprises and Mr.

Unite as one, repeatedly won the success, fruitful.

In the first half of the meeting, Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales, made a speech,

Summary of the best-selling products this year, and the domestic sales data for specific analysis, and the next year's sales task, issued plans.

Speech by General Sales Manager


eifove international brand manager speech

The sales staff are listening carefully


[Eifove International Ceramics] brand has been able to "walk from production capacity to quality", because in this process, all staff work together,

Optimize and promote the product source, and have greater confidence in the next year's sales tasks, capacity, performance and so on,

I believe that under the leadership of managing director and general manager of sales,

Our brand of "Eifove Enterprises" will be "better and better", and "stronger and stronger""! "Win in the team, win in the product."!"

"The end of the session.""

At the end of the course, the managing director gives a speech to all the staff, encouraging sales staff to improve their ability and quality, increase self confidence and strive for success, so as to meet them in the best possible condition!

Finally, I would like to thank all my friends for their concern and support for our brand! We will continue to uphold the spirit of enterprise, and strive to build the best quality ceramic products!


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