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Great achievements-Eifove International Fully open "plate" era!



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"What is a big board?""



Large plate, is the daily life of people of large size ceramic tile call. In fact, large size tiles include "big board", but "big board" is not completely equivalent to large size tiles.

Large plate refers to "ceramic plate", according to the GB/T23266-2009 standard, the thickness of not more than 6mm, surface area of not less than 1.62 square meters of ceramic tile products. At present, there is no uniform standard in the ceramic industry, the definition of size of each country is not the same.

In the United States, household bricks are generally small, more than 450 x 450mm can be recognized as large size; in many European countries, more than 750mm is a large size; in Italy, the most popular large size is 1200 x 1200mm. In China, large size refers to 800 x 800mm ceramic tile.


Board is the most striking product trends in recent years Italy Bologna ceramics exhibition and other exhibitions, because of its simple nature, the application characteristics of free popular, even breaking the European prejudice of the blocks, this year's global ceramic board has already entered the era, and gradually grow into a mature system.


"Big tile six reasons"


01 decorative effect concise atmosphere

Large scale brick paving, from the visual sense of a kind of extension and expansion, make the space more spacious, become many hotels, lobbies and other senior places preferred. In the product design, large size tiles because single piece area is larger, can bear more texture elements, so the decoration of the overall space texture, pattern effect is more complete and three-dimensional, brick surface embodies the details are more rich.


02 seam, avoid shelter evil people and countenance evil practices

"Seamless link" is the most obvious feature of the large ceramic tiles distinguished from the conventional tiles. Everyone in the pursuit of simplicity at the moment, large tiles tiling ground can minimize the collage marks, for space concise bonus points. Seam less features, can also reduce more convenient cleaning and maintenance shelter evil people and countenance evil practices.


03 cutting free, rich in specifications

Large size tiles are like a piece of cloth. The bigger the cloth, the bigger the imagination of the tailors. Designers can tailor them according to their design requirements. After cutting, processing tiles have more sense of design, to provide designers with a wider space for design.

Lift a chestnut:

Such as a 3200 x 1600mm large plate, according to the design can be cut into 1600 x 800mm, 1600 x 400mm, 800 x 800mm and other common specifications, and even 3200 x 400mm plate, thus evolving more possibilities:



04, the scope of application is more extensive

According to the needs of modern consumers, domestic enterprises pay more and more attention to the application of large space of ceramic tiles, from the early for indoor wall ground paving, later used as curtain wall decoration materials, now quickly into the kitchen space and surface decoration materials daily Home Furnishing decoration.


05 high efficiency of construction and paving

With the development of domestic economy, high-rise buildings, large commercial venues emerge in endlessly, and the area of home decoration is also growing, which requires a larger size of ceramic tile products to solve the problem of efficient construction.

06 arms race, technical foundation competition

No big board, no big name, conversely, no big name, no big board. 800 x 800 (mm) above the tile difficulty in the production process will increase, the forming pressure, body strength, drying and firing control and equipment operation is stable and strict, in addition to invest large kiln, mold, compressor and other production equipment for rectification, but also a huge test of production.


With the maturity of the market, large plate tiles are becoming more and more popular, followed by the emergence of more sizes, the emergence of a variety of large size, non conventional specifications of ceramic tiles constantly meet the needs of various types of decoration. From the tooling to home decoration, the sale of the large plate is more and more wide, the most fundamental reason is that the large plate in line with consumer business, living space expansion, diversification of lifestyle needs. People are increasingly willing to pay for high quality products.



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