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Congratulate Eifove Enterprise's sales summary meeting held successfully in October!



Wolf team, wolf's survival: is in the bad environment to create a strong living space. Wolf team is to organize powerful team strength in fighting opponents. Million people hold the bow, bow an arrow, the arrow is in. Not to the end, we are not qualified to say a clear conscience!


Congratulations on October monthly

Sales summary conference held successfully!

The sales conference was held in Nanzhuang Marketing Center yesterday at 4 p.m. yesterday. This conference is presided over by Mr. Liang Weiqian, general manager of the board of directors and general manager of sales and sales, Mr. Qu Boheng, who is the keynote speaker of Hanford's family source brand Cai Jiaze. The main content of the meeting is to analyze and summarize the performance of last month, combined with the trend of the market, the next month sales work to start a new layout.


"The pursuit of excellence is a success ambition.

Speech by Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales

The chairman and general manager Mr. Liang Weiqian under the leadership of our success will get good results in the twenty-ninth session of the thirtieth session of the Foshan & Tao Bo, sales of task completion rate than in the past compared to obtain certain increase, this is our team through mutual cooperation, after the efforts of. As sales staff, we have to charge in the first line of sales, must rely on hard work, fight for, always fight for the first, but also at the same time have the impact of the winning faith. Don't seek any excuse for failure. Hope you sum up experience, put into action next time. With a victory to stimulate the excitement of the nerve.

Sales style

Under the leadership of the brand general manager Miss Yu Guiling, the Sales Office of the 100 million square company has made a speech in accordance with its own actual situation, and put forward the objectives of the next month.

"There is competition, there is momentum, we make progress together."!

Awarding link &11 month brand PK task

Get "pioneering elite" examination award personnel


Get "personal sales performance award" personnel


Get the sales task completion proportion assessment award team

Marching into November

My brand will meet the new task with the best attitude, play the spirit of cooperation, and strive to achieve the company's goals for our team!

Come on. We are the best and the best team!



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