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[Eifove International] Eifove Enterprise congratulations on the success of the 30th CERAMBATH !



Eifove Enterprise warmly congratulate

The thirtieth CERAMBATH  held successfully


   The 4 day Foshan Ceramic Fair has been closed yesterday. These international events do not know whether you are involved or not In this year's industry popular "big plate ceramic tile" market trend, Eifove enterprises, this year is still the same as ever, put the core of this enterprise on the product, only to provide you with the best quality ceramic building materials.

  "No big board, not big card" is the Autumn Fair is the star product, different from the past is of large size (600*1200mm), the material is diversified, tooling, high-end commercial space decoration of choice, so enterprises billion in this session of fair also has a new "synchronous large size plate products".



Review: Foshan Ceramic Fair



First of all thank the friends of our customers from around eifove enterprises support, in the 4 day fair period, personally to visit our company to discuss the exchange! Under the leadership of the chairman, general manager and sales manager of eifove enterprises, the "soft tile series new product conference" was successfully held in 2017!


Team spirit in the entire staff, help each other work, I successfully signed brand dealers, and help customers smooth order products, so that customers feel our service quality.


Division I after months of discussion, the exchange of industry, technical adjustments and a series of preliminary work, finally at the fair in the new two series of products: "soft ceramic tile" and "Chinese wind" series, a listing will get a lot of friends, colleagues and customers welcome support. These undoubtedly attributed to our chairman, general manager and sales manager of the strong support, let us from production to market sales work has won many merchants, peers affirmation.

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Product appreciation

01 soft tile


  Soft tile, with the widespread use of natural marble, ore gradually reduced. People are trying every means to solve the problem of the production of natural marble, thus laying the foundation for the birth of soft tiles. Soft tile not only on the diversity of texture, color richness, gloss comfort can be comparable with natural marble, so that people do not worry about the amount of ore. Therefore, the birth of soft tile attracted people deeply.

01 China Wind Series


   China wind series, is to China elements form, based on the Chinese culture and oriental culture, to China elements as a means of expression as a form of art or life style, and adapt to the global trend of economic development is a form of art has its own unique charm and character.

Pottery Expo sidelights


A short break doesn't mean we don't see each other anymore

We're going to make better products

And "one hundred and one points" service

Meeting you

The thirty-first cerambath, we will see next year!


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