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[Eifove International] congratulations on the successful completion of the September monthly summing up conference of Eifove enterprises held sm!


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Congratulations to the September 2017 monthly summary meeting

held smoothly!


Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales

  In September 29, 2017, we held the monthly summary conference in Nanzhuang marketing center in September. Mr. Qu Boheng, general manager of sales, general manager of all   brands and sales staff of the marketing center attended the meeting.

  This conference mainly summarizes the sales work in September, awards the sales staff who have obtained outstanding performance, and gives guidance and arrangement for the work in October.

Summing up the past and looking forward to the future

Speech by General Sales Manager

"Golden nine silver ten" - September is a harvest season; September is a full load of expectations, sailing start; September, is a new legend, and then new brilliant starting point. In the past, we grew up in frustration and gained many opportunities to learn. In order to better meet the coming of Tao Tao, we should sum up the past and learn to look into the future.

Last month, some of our sales staff went on business trip to Shandong Zibo Ceramic Fair, and also gained more information on the industry while opening up customers.


Therefore, sales general manager Mr. Qu Boheng pointed out that our analysis of own brand dealers according to the local needs of customers should be the brand, product sales, product styles itself to understand the data as a benchmark, when communication with the customer should properly guide customers consumption, so that they have a certain understanding of the product.

In the next season of the fair is approaching, our sales staff should establish goals, strengthen their own occupation accomplishment, encourage all sales personnel to play positive and hard work of the spirit of enterprise, adjust self attitude to meet future work.


 brand elegant demeanour

Brand reporting

Eifove international sent part of the business trip, in September, Shandong Zibo Ceramic Fair work summary, and to all the sales staff to share their work experience.

During the party, Eifove international general manager concluded: we will focus on the company policy plan, establish their own brand objectives, a clear understanding of the direction of development of all kinds of products, and strive to achieve the company to our task.

The last part of the meeting: presentation ceremony

In order to encourage all of our sales staff, to obtain good results and to distribute employee bonus incentives, successfully develop target customers employees, in addition to send gold prize excited, also won the "sales elite" Crystal Award a. I hope this reward system will enable all sales staff to continue to play their own advantages, adhering to the" Eifove  Enterprises," pragmatic and enterprising, integrity first, people-oriented "business philosophy


Finally, thanks to the director general manager Mr. Liang Weiqian, sales manager Mr. Qu Boheng to be sure of our work, and the implementation of incentive system and sales policies, our sales in the front for the most powerful support. We will not forget the beginning and move on! Strive to open up better sales results!!


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