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[Eifove International] Monthly sales conference of Eifove Enterprises was held successfully!



 |Monthly sales meeting was be held successfully!|

    In August 28, 2017, we carried out the monthly sales conference in August at the Eifove Enterprise marketing center. Under the leadership of managing director——Mr. Leung, Eifove Enterprises have successfully passed the Chinese New Year mark! During the meeting, the market development trend, our managing director—— Mr. Leung for internal sales summary, and to talk about meeting our macro development in the future, hope that through different adjustment schemes and the corresponding incentive system for the entire sales team into a strong current!



Objective: To summarize the sales situation of our company in August, and make appropriate policy adjustments according to market trends, and put forward future sales targets and make further self analysis.

Key point: pay attention to product development and develop high-quality customers, set up for their own brand goals, improve their own brand reputation and trust

Participants: all sales manager


 Managing director

  Our company will continue to pay attention to product quality, focus on market trends, the characteristics of the use of their own advantages in sales, in order to meet the next fair arrival, Eifove enterprise will carry forward the "people-oriented" spirit of enterprise, adjust the internal reward system to encourage employees to enhance self occupation accomplishment, hope the sales team to enhance their comprehensive quality, changes in the stream strong, increase Eifove Enterprises in the industry influence!


General Sales Manager

  Perfecting the eifove internal promotion and bonus system is the embodiment of enterprise managing director billion square of our concern, we will actively respond to business development plans, believe in Eifove Enterprisese board under the leadership of general manager, we are not afraid of also fearless, will play the best team in the bright voyage on business enterprise!

|Brand elegant demeanour|

Good performance can not be separated from excellent enterprise platform

   During the meeting, the general manager of the eifove international led the international team of ceramics to report on the work plan, and the sales manager at the same time expressed his views on the market and made appropriate suggestions. I believe we will be better and better under the leadership of the managing director of the 100 million enterprises and the general manager of sales! At the same time, we will also take advantage of our own advantages and continue to strengthen our professional quality and strive for success!


  At the end , thank you for the training of our managing director and general sales manager. We will do our best in the next few days!


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