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[Eifove International] The software training of Foshan nanhai eifove ceramics CO.LTD ,had be held successful in2017!


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The software training of Foshan nanhai eifove ceramics CO.LTD which had be held successful in2017!

In order to enhance internal employee e software, hoping to be able to make you the software training, professional level, learning literacy and computer aided design field to get a raise.

Efficiency comes from diligence


According to the current market trends, to the latest information to enable our customers to quickly receive our, our company has formulated a series of "science" and "people-oriented" and "down to earth" sales strategy, and invited to buy brick treasure training instructor on-site training, the presence of the sales staff is heard is "very intoxicated", have come up with their own mobile phone to try to bring customers VR new visual experience!


Every man is the architect of his own fortune

Your satisfaction is our philosophy

We are adhering to the business philosophy of"people-oriented,

pragmatics spirit and integrity first" to the pursuit of zero

defect product quality,and provide users with the best products as our responsibility

making efforts to provide customers with the best produces pre-sale, sale services

All efforts are made solely for

To bring you the best service

Choose us,

Choose the most suitable building materials products.

More choice of high grade life.

Winners in life do not have to wait.


The whole training process, the sooner we enter the sales, service capabilities have been greatly improved, thanks to the chairman and general manager of enterprise billion sales manager for our attention, let us find the self achievement in the enterprise, a sense of pride and honor are at work, with training sessions held successfully, let us feel to the power of enterprise culture, which is an important measure and explore more talents for enterprises billion square enterprises, ranked in the front of the industry, to pave the way for the sales staff to obtain the best industry resources, which also vigorously promote social development.

[EIFOVE INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS] will continue to the best posture, higher professional level of business, to bring the best quality products customers.



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