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[Eifove International] The outward bound training of Foshan nanhai eifove ceramics CO.LTD ,had be held successful in2017!


The blazing sun sunny day

Like our tiles, so serene

More like us, the hearts of millions of people are generally hot

The pursuit of products always hold a utter innocence

The power of a craftsman's spirit is never forgotten

After tens of millions of quenching

Suffered numerous beat

To create a good quality tiles comparable to nature

So far

Just to get your confirmation and trust

Even if there are countless sweat

Only to show the best quality.

Once upon a time, we fought

In the future, we will persevere.

- we are on the way -

- Eifove Enterprises-


Youth bloom

Congratulations  the Eifove Enterprises

Development training be held successfully!!


  In the first half of 2017, it finally ended with our laughter and good memories yesterday. In retrospect,  Under the leadership of Eifove Enterprises managing director and  general manager, we spent in passionate struggle; in order to  give the customers to the best quality service, we launched a series of new products and new sales strategy in the first half of the year, and won the sure and satisfied the customers friends so we billion square enterprise staff here, expressed gratitude for the support of our customers and friends for a long time, we will strive to provide better ceramic products.




Summer in riotous profusion

  In order to improve employee's emotional communication, promote employee communication between the hub, on the afternoon of July 30, 2017, Eifove Enterprises managing director and sales general manager to organize the staff to the water park to carry out activities to expand the training team, build our platform, cultivate team spirit with colleagues, but also rich cultural the life of Kangle employees -- such activities, we are very satisfied with the "sum"!!!

 Eifove Enterprises managing director and sales general managerthank you!  let us feel the attention of the enterprise!!


This is a moment of joy and happiness

 we would like to share with you!


Outward bound training

  Before starting, the "female model" certainly had to keep up with our pace"!!



The beginning of training

   The best partner is to start with a top-notch attitude and a team"!!






Youthl bloom

In the summer of this year, there was "The Big Blue"

"white as snow"

So pure ingenuity

Has led countless porcelain still legendary

If possible

May "Cloisonne" - like clarity

Can send you a trace of coolness

If possible

Let "Snow" serve as guardians of environmental protection, ECLAC

Goodbye freon

Welcome your own

Green home.

Looking to the future

In the end, we are holding the glorious sunset

Hand in hand to meet every tomorrow that belongs to us.

The development of outward bound is a pleasant holiday for all members;

Such an end is a perfect beginning

Means we'll be more confident in the second half of the sprint! Create better sales performance!

A new opportunity has arrived

[Eifove International Ceramics] will bring new customers to the best product experience! Please wait and see!



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