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[Eifove international ?Product launch] 2017 China throws bricks all over the world!



Porcelain Polished Tile

  Ceramic wall tiles are one of the innovative categories, the surface of porcelain materials, printed decoration, high temperature sintering, surface polishing. With the surface of the material (such as glaze polishing brick, polished crystal tile etc.) compared to the ceramic tile, has higher wear resistance, texture more moist, texture more natural and realistic, internal and external wall decoration for buildings.


More wearable, more solid

More transparent, more realistic




Ceramic surface technology instead of traditional glaze technology,

Brick face is more wear-resistant and more resistant to corrosion;

640.webp (2).jpg

640.webp (25).jpg

Porcelain surface technology is more wearable:

The porcelain surface is more wearable, and the mullite hardness reaches 7 hardness of the polished brick (raw material is feldspar + quartz). Ordinary glazed tiles (transparent glaze) are like apatite hardness; (feldspar and quartz are the main raw materials of ceramic tiles)

PS: a new type of decorative porcelain surface material, harder and more wear-resistant, without special maintenance, as long as new.

640.webp (26).jpg

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The porcelain surface is more resistant to corrosion:

Porcelain surface technology is more resistant to corrosion, compared to throwing glazed tiles, glaze, ceramic tile surface more resistant to corrosion, acid, alkali, use more long-term.


Stereo ink jet printing instead of surface printing,

Product patterns more realistic, more transparent;

640.webp (4).jpg

640.webp (5).jpg

Stereoscopic ink jet printing instead of plane printing:

The use of advanced ceramic brick stereo penetration, showing the printed pattern on the surface of the product and adobe, Adobe surface is more clear, more like natural stone.

640.webp (6).jpg

640.webp (7).jpg


Replace a cloth with a multi dimensional fabric,

A stone slab face, be the same outside and inside quality;

640.webp (8).jpg

640.webp (9).jpg

Multi dimensional fabric instead of traditional primary cloth:

The cloth instead of a multidimensional traditional cloth, brick surface and body completely one brick surface and body both sides reached the perfect present, truly be the same outside and inside the transparent.

PS: suitable for further deep processing, so that the processing surface and surface show similar color and texture, and expand the creative space of decorative design.


Using nano hard throwing technology instead of traditional soft throwing technology,

The brick surface is smoother and more smooth;

640.webp (10).jpg

640.webp (11).jpg

Nano hard throwing technology instead of traditional soft throwing technology:

The nanometer hard throwing technology replaces the traditional soft throwing technology, and the hard throwing method can thoroughly throw out the protruding part of the brick face, so that the utility model is more smooth and the texture is more moist.

PS: light but not slippery, the house is easy to clean, easy to take care of, in the material, hardness and acid resistance than ordinary stone superior


Instead of ordinary body by thickening solid body,

Products are more solid, longer service life;

640.webp (12).jpg

640.webp (13).jpg

Instead of ordinary body by thickening solid body:

High end of the whole body thickening porcelain cast bricks, the thickness of up to 13.5mm, more suitable for major projects and high-grade home decoration customization. Whether the product thickness positioning, raw materials ball milling, pressing molding, high temperature sintering, are strictly quality control.

All kinds of ceramic throwing brick products: ball milling, counting <1%; up to 1280 degrees of high temperature sintering, the body is completely porcelain; water absorption rate is less than 0.019%, flexural strength is better; quality is effectively guaranteed.

The PS: is suitable for further deep processing, and the decorative effect is stereoscopic and rich

640.webp (14).jpg

Product effect

640.webp (15).jpg

640.webp (17).jpg

640.webp (19).jpg


Once firing microcrystalline process, through the multi angle ink jet printing process, to restore the richness of stone, the surface by hard polishing, good wear resistance.

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