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[Eifove international ?Product launch] The new red net cast "tile brick - cocoon into a butterfly"



Fashion and trend has been an enduring topic, whether it is the design of fashion show in the brain hole wide open, or decoration design in harmony of aesthetic elements, the pursuit of fashion has become.

Xiao Bian think, no matter what you want to chase, American style, European style is good, but the trend of home improvement trend, or can not be separated from the human life to create a comfortable and pleasant space.

Xiaobian want to say today is the new trend, Wanghong porcelain - throwing bricks, a new high quality marble tiles can be comparable and true.


What are the unique features of porcelain tiles?

Xiaobian today to take you to see.

The tile "cocoon into a butterfly"

In the entire home space, ceramic tile can be seen everywhere, and its appearance, performance is good or bad, and closely related to life. Then cast a brick and tile porcelain compared, why is the cocoon into a butterfly?

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Before the birth of ceramic tiles, the traditional tiles have been either polished brick or not look good, or like glazed brick good, not wearing criticism. The pursuit of natural marble color effect, and has good physical properties of the ceramic tile, has also been a designer expected, since the birth of the new cast porcelain tiles both functional and decorative, so as to solve this pain point, let the decoration design with a feel more like. Porcelain tile, with its realistic texture, beyond the characteristics of marble, allows designers to better play, whether on the ground, metope, can be closest to the natural texture of the marble state, so that space is infinite. Among them, the most breakthrough is that not only has a natural stone sense of the whole body, but also can be used in deep processing, and processing surface and surface texture, color has consistency. This time, the real tile cocoon into a butterfly can be comparable with the marble.

For decoration, many people are very upset. How can we arrange a warm and comfortable home? In fact, tile selection is good, the home improvement effect has a critical impact. This is a look at the face of the era, despite strong functional considerations, Yan is also very important value. Nobel threw out the birth of porcelain, natural landscape, a natural landscape will include home lusts, to let it become the red tile world network



      Porcelain tiles are exquisite workmanship, not only with three-dimensional realistic effect, so that natural wonders within the jade, vivid natural. And the inside and outside is the biggest bright spot, sandblasting, chamfering and slotting become even carving, an easy job to do, also be nothing difficult; it made up of natural marble easily cracked, efflorescence, rust and moss physical defects.




Color differences, lines of collocation, often sketched out the appearance of the home, and the warmth and comfort of home need to rely on feelings to fill. The natural texture of porcelain brick to build, high taste, super value Home Furnishing Yan style, with the texture, rich technology, really let the tile ", make porcelain brick transformation" has become a trend.


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