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[Eifove international ?Product launch] Splashed landscape painting: appreciating the charm of porcelain throwing bricks



   The quick pace of modern life, ceramic tile with its easy care, waterproof, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance features such as more and more young owners to accept, in the living room, kitchen, dining room and other space more families choose tiles as ground or wall laying.

Milky white porcelain brick

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Grey is a white marble mined from Italy, the stone in the aspects of material, pattern, finish by designers and owners alike. Its color is similar to the fish belly color, as if as early as the morning sun Dongxi mysterious oriental sky, in a moment, taste that a blur, that a faint.

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Product series: ceramic tile

Applicable places: villas, high-grade apartment kitchen, dining room, full space chain engineering, hotel, restaurant, business clubs, design room

White porcelain brick maw color is black and white, white pure as jade, with black texture, such as random throwing up the landscape painting is very beautiful.

The porcelain tiles are clear and beautiful in appearance, just like the natural texture of marble. Porcelain decorative surface material technology, digital ink jet penetration technology, multi-dimensional whole body distribution technology, micron surface treatment process.

Porcelain brick pattern, not flat printing, but three-dimensional penetration, coupled with natural stone like the texture, from the inside to the outside of the same pattern, make all kinds of sandblasting, chamfering, grooving, three-dimensional shaped pattern, have become possible, and planar texture color consistent, providing more personalized design creativity space for the designer.

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       Tile surface micro processing technology to replace the traditional hard polishing technology, touch belly white porcelain brick surface, feeling fine and smooth, and there is no stone cold and stiff feeling, feel more warm.


      The maw of white porcelain throwing bricks not only have marble like texture, the cross section of the fine particles, no impurities, could be observed, the straight lines, no bending, cutting edges neat, vertical, can be an excellent way to achieve seamless mosaic effect.

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The new product has made use of digital penetration technology to form a realistic and solid texture, just like natural marble. Such as landscape painting of black and white patterns, widely used in high-end hotels, luxury villas, high-grade leisure venues decoration materials. After laying the feeling of jade with warm, elegant atmosphere, as if in the Holy Spirit of the palace.

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